[Suggestion] Passkeeper - password dates

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It happens often to me that on the same page I will change my password (due password policies rules, etc.) and this will create different rows in passkeeper, creating many duplicates on the pass of the years... 
When you don't remember the password and you have to go to passkeeper, I have to try the passwords one on one to find which was the good one...
I think it could be extremely helpful to add a column in the table with the Last Modified Date this way I could go straight the last one, which will be the good one and I can be confident to delete the duplicate entries. 


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I never had the issue of duplicated entries. Browser will always prompt to update over existing password/username unless:

(1) Username is different
(2) URL is different (sometimes a website can have many login URLs)

If either (1) or (2) does not match your existing entry, browser will prompt you to "Save the Password" again.

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