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Maxthon is my companion on the internet for 12 years. I have saved many favorites and notes that I would like to use in the future.
However, it will be time for me to use another OS > linux. Unfortunately, the 'latest' version is useless, because Maxthon for linux can not be used for surfing (no page can be viewed).

In some parts of the forum this problem is mentioned again and again, that there is no Maxthon for linux and that makes many users sad. Like me too. We translators already translated all languages and it would be a small matter to have the translation file extended and translated. This translation is free of charge and the extension / continuation of the product line on linux would appeal to many users. Like me too.

Is it possible to publish a simple current version of Maxthon for linux? Pls :)


Sincerely yours,

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Maxthon for linux (v. don't display any webpage (no surfing possible), even settings, QA, last visited, about have no content > unusable
But I can login to mx passport and see all favorites, that's all.

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