ABP update option has suddenly disappeared


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Using Maxthon v5.2.3.4000 with Windows 10 on my laptop. 

I’m having a problem with ABP, which I’ve enjoyed for years. The Update option has suddenly disappeared (The update button at the bottom remains, but is no longer operable). I may have mistakenly clicked something while configuring it.


Since the button vanished, ABP doesn’t work at all. I deleted APB and reinstalled it, however, after reinstalling, the update option is still missing (I did that 3 times) and APB fails to block ads.


I fear uninstalling and reinstalling Maxthon will lose my settings.


Any suggestions?



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First, I think you should upgrade to some newer stable version. Since version that you have been quite stable versions.

Locate within your profile de maxthon, the \AdBlock\ folder, with closed maxthon, delete it or better rename it.

In theory, you will only see a single list, with which you will have to reconfigure it.

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