Random Crashes on any website

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The browser crashes on every website. Not everytime, but often. When I am surfing the net for a certain time, the browser stops working, it gets blurry and the only thing I can do is wait until it closes completely (I wait for about 5 seconds when clicking anywhere on the browser, and ~20 seconds when I just wait until it closes itself).

The crashes occur more often when watching streams, videos, or similar (Twitch.tv, youtube.com, etc.). 

Browser version is: v5.2.6.300. I tried using the non-beta version and the beta. It happens on every version.

I tried different settings, went through the troubleshooting but nothing helped. The crashes started occuring a year ago but I hoped that they are gone with later patches/updates. It also was not so often as it is now. 

I uploaded the "Crash_Info" file, I hope that is the file you need. Its the only file in the folder. :)

Tell me if you need any additional information. 


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