Bugs = Gestures broken + Fav freeze


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1 hour ago, 7twenty said:

import your favs to the guest account and check if the same happens.

I did this earlier, I imported it from an html file. The result - crash. Let me remind you, this happens in any version above Version and earlier do not have this error.

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I still think that's it's related to the data in the favourites, rather than anything else. Only way to test that is to do the import of data as you have, but in batches. So do half first, check. Then the other half, check. If one of those batches causes a crash, then half the data that was imported in that batch and check again, until you narrow it down to the possible cause. If at any point the crash happens, then the last batch that was imported would more than likely be the culprit. To confirm this, then import everything again - except the folder/fav that was found to be the problem. It should then work properly.

No guarantee this will find an issue, but I think it needs to be looked at to confirm that it's not somehow related to the data.

While it might be a "maxthon" problem in that changed something since, not everyone is having the same issue. Doing the above should isolate it to being a userdata error, since the same happens using a clean guest account.

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