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I set up a computer for my son.  Its actually a Kurio tablet PC running Windows 10.  Not my OS of choice but it needs to stay as is.  Anyways, it is slow as hell.  The system is slow, and the internet is slow.  I need a fast browser.  I am willing to spend quite a bit of time testing Nitro as I teach him to use the computer but you have to make it able to sync his bookmarks first.  Not the rest of his web clippings or anything, just the links to the pages for his favorites.  Can someone add that please?  It's too much of a hassle to have to keep importing them back and forth.  It really doesn't have the power to handle MX5 (which I have it running now).  So...I need some help.

1.  How do I set up the settings of MX5 to make it run as fast as possible?

2.  Are there any plugins to make it run faster?

3.  Anyone familiar with Windows 10 (which I hate): Are there any unneeded services I can disable to put less strain on it?

4.  Can a dev please ad a manual bookmark sync to Nitro and release it as an alpha or something?

Thanks guys =]

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11 hours ago, karajan said:

i don't know about Kurio tablets

a fast look on technical specs gave me the chill

32 Go of storage and 1 Go of ram

if it's true you can buy a real tablet PC

I'm surprised he's managed to install Win10 on an android 5.0 device, let alone have it  run.

A faster browser will not help him speed up his system.

You can buy a new win10 pc for less than $250 with the proper specs to run it without all the hassles he's run into.


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7 hours ago, PHYR said:

I'm surprised he's managed to install Win10 on an android 5.0 device, let alone have it  run.

They do have windows devices.

But I agree, if the device is underpowered no amount of tweaking would make it run much better. I used to run W10 on a 1GB ram tablet, definitely usable for browsing with a few tabs. But doing anything more than one thing at a time isn't worth the effort.

In response to the questions:

1/ not possible
2/ Nothing available, apart from ABP or similar blockers, but they create extra work for the system themselves
3/ search for black vipers tweaks, but doubt you'd gain anything for the time spent on it. 
4/ Not going to happen. L3X0R;s suggestion is good though

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On 09.11.2017 at 9:41 PM, klear6 said:

links to the pages for his favorites

It's easy!!!

Lets do this! We can copy of your QA page to NITRO by this way:

1. Go to QA page on your MX5, then click: menu - save as - file, then save page in filename.mhtml

2. Copy this file on your tablet. Place it anywere you want.

3. Open this file through NITRO. (Can use drag and drop to open it).

4. Click NITRO menu, then chose "Use current page as Homepage".

5. PROFIT!!!

On 11.11.2017 at 9:02 AM, L3X0R said:

You can synchronize Favorite.dat with any program and simple solving the problem.

cannot be used in mx Nitro, he have favorite.db and it not compatible with other browsers.

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