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I loved my old Max4 and tried the Max5 when it first came out. I really do not have the time to learn a new format and could not find the Skynote which is a feature I use more than any other .. about a month ago i did a Maxthon Update and it changed to Max5 instead of just updating my Max4 .. still no sky note and no time to fool with it .. When I downloaded Max 4 again I had too many bugs .. so restored my pc to an earlier date .. and my Max4 has never worked good again. I  deleted it and reloaded it several times .. (the sky note worked very well but my browser gave me too many problems.. but if I have to put up with browser problems to get my skynote .. I will do that .. I am just hoping my skynotes and skynote is available in Max5 which I did download again today ..  Sky note does not show up anywhere although the Maxnote icon does show up in my browser .. it has no skynote available.. I have looked for an extension and can not find one .. Please Help :)


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Skynote is now Maxnote found by clicking your avatar at the upper left of the browser. If you are using an account your old contents should be displayed as well as synced to your android version if you use one.


You can create a new Maxnote by simply adding a new folder named Maxnote. In image I created Maxnote 2 as a demo


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