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  1. when I click on my avatar there is no Maxnote or Infobox available .. there is a Maxnote icon in my browser but when I click on it there is no sky note or infobox ..
  2. Thanks .. it is working now .. next time it happens I will try the described fix .. and I am on a rural dsl internet and it sucks .. maybe it is network related but I would not know anything about that. I only have 2 home pc and that is my network .. and the other pc has had no problems .. THANKS
  3. Now my SkyNote i"Note List" is gone again and the blank window that comes up when I click on it will not allow me to print or paste anything in it :dizzy: I think I have the latest Maxthon do not know where to find the version.. I did recently downloaded it again and think I have the latest one offered .. and now I have two icons on my task bar .. I did sign out and sign back up ... did not work....then I signed out again and quit Maxthon and reloaded it.. I signed back in and my favorites and everything else works but the SkyNote "Note List" is still gone and it still will not allow me to type or paste a note. Please Help
  4. I just went back to TCB and clicked on my SkyNote and it is back!! So what do you think I am doing or not doing .. frustrated
  5. My SkyNotes "Note List" came back and now they randomly disappear . and reappear. this has happened many times .. In the past .. at some point .. after I have turned my pc off and back on again .. the "Note List" comes back. Seems like there should be some kind of fix for this problem. I do have passport and I am logged in .. My favorites are not affected .. just my SkyNotes and I am sync'd /.. and when I log into my SkyNote when the "Note List" is gone .. usually It will not work at all .. the window comes up but when I try to type anything in the new blank window .. it does not work at all :Q Please Help :dizzy:
  6. My SkyNotes disappeared a while back then they came back .. not they are gone again..and now the SkyNote does not work at all. I do have passport and I am logged in but it makes no difference. Please Help :funk: