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I'm running the newest versions of mx5 on windows 7 x64 and android marshmallow.  

On my pc it crashes when I try to type into the address bar most of the time.  Makes it really hard to search for things quickly.


On android I can't get my bookmarks to sync.  All permissions are turned on and I cleared the cache with no results...


Whats going on with this?  This browser is pretty important to me as I live online more than irl.  Please help.


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Hello klear6

What's your MX5 PC version? You can check the Menu(Alt+F)-About. Now our newest version is V5.1.2.2000, you can update to newest version and check whether the crash still exist or not. If the crash still appear, please send me the Maxthon crash data.

Here's the step:

1. Tap Win+R, imput %temp%

2.Find the folder of Maxthon crash data

3. make a compressed package and send to me

1.png 2.jpg

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