v5.1.2.100 Zoom Issues

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4 hours ago, Cookie_Monster said:

1) More sensible step increments for zoom levels please (e.g. 100%>110%>120%>130% or 100%>105%>110%>115%). Or even better, let customised zoom levels be set by the user.

2) Changing of zoom levels in a tab should only apply to that particular tab and not applied across ALL open tabs, as is the case now.

Testing in MX -

I confirm #2 but the bug has more complex effects than described.

Situation: two tabs opened, the right-hand tab later than the left.  All tabs at 100% zoom.

Action: 1) Increase zoom level in the right tab a couple steps to 175%.

          2) Switch to left tab

Observe: 1) Zoom appears to be 175%

              2) But Zoom Level IS still set at 100%

Action: Click on "100%" zoom level to reset zoom to 100% in left tab.

Observe:  Right tab remains at 175% zoom level.

So, devs, remember these inceraction effects when fixing this bug.


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