multiple crashes

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On 6/27/2017 at 10:51 AM, rick.lane said:

What does that mean? I have seen several use that term but it doesn't tell us just what you did. To me, to revert back would mean re-installing an older version. Is that what you did or did you still have a working installation of that you simply went and used again? Just curious how folks are installing these latest 5.1.x betas that have a different core than the 5.0.x versions. 

Actually Reinstalled and recent betas are crashing so much on multiple tabs, Please stabilize the version to handle good number of tabs to do our work, thanks

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What do you consider a good number? 50 tabs is a good number for me, I imagine I could open more.

BTW, a reinstall is not a clean install which has been mentioned and recommended  countless times in the forum.(even to you personally)


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