Button problem in MX5 Android release

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I want to thank the developers for their work. I think the new version MX5 Android release is better. I am happy to work with this version. The only problem I noticed is that one button when I tried to exit the program is showing an exit window with something like "@android:string/annuler" at the left and "Confimer" at the right. I think the left button has a display problem. Instead of displaying only "Annuler" which means "Cancel" in English, the program is adding something else. The right display will be "Annuler" at the left and "Confimer" at the left. I do not know if the English version has this problem but French version does.

Thank you advance for your reply.


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Hey there, thanks for the reporting. Could you tell me which language do you use on your mobile?

On 2017/5/12 at 3:35 PM, Jus5631410 said:


If you could provide a screenshot of this, it would be great!

Please let us know your language so we can have a check on the strings. :)

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Hi Jus, really thank you and the photo is quick helpful. We've identified the problem is in the French language file. Our language staff has updated the string and will forward the revised file to our Android product manager. So this issue should be nowhere to be found in next version. Thanks for your reporting again!

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