ok, here's one for the developers...

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AdBlock Plus in version5.0.3.4000 works correctly hiding the division tag and class grouping mb using the custom filter section of adBlock in yahoo mail classic view (fig 1)

Filter used that has worked for many versions and months: (fig 2)

And how it fails in betas (the last few) (Fig 3)


I'm posting this not that it is a big deal in the grand world of life :) But...
I thought this issue MIGHT affect other Div's or html code in some ways.

It's a mystery to me why this happens.





ADP Filter.jpg

M 400 beta.jpg

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no, not offhand, but yahoo is still doing it. Of course they (at their forum) blame Maxthon.

I'm just living with it.

While I'm on the subject, it WOULD be nice to have the features the AB+ EXTENSIONS have when you bring them into Firefox or  Chrome...

Just saying our built in has been left behind a bit :\

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