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I was recently wondering about Maxthon's design. Although MX supports skins, which is incredibly useful, it would not be a bad idea if we had more beautiful design out-of-box. It would create that feel that Maxthon is special. Vivaldi's design is really fresh and modern, that's what i mean. Nitro had actually pretty impressive design ( btw does anybody know why it isn't being developed anymore? ).

Animations are also good thing. IMO, MX looks very statically. I don't complain, but some new animations are not a bad idea. Animations I suggest are:

  • opening/closing tab
  • opening/closing menu
  • switching between tabs and Maxnote
  • moving tab (something like in Chrome)

In Quick access, animations look good. I also noticed lagging while address bar is sliding down after clicking on new tab. It doesn't happen always - maybe it's because of operations under the hood?

These changes are not so important, but when i look on Maxthon 3, UI has not changed dramatically. People probably like this design and are used to it and i'm not surprised, it's not bad, but improvements could be made.

Does anybody know if there's skin for MX5 like Vivaldi?


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