Chantao's review on MX5

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Already already the great Bookmarks sorting in the single folder after alphabetically or last added or last changed, can not synonymous Vivaldi. Vivaldi may e.g. So some Google extensions do not, front way xmarks. Or this grandiose gesture control,  What brings Vivaldi with, or Chrome Opera? Firefox hahahaha :Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42: Firefox, the lame duck, since I can cook at noon while start browser up. Opera 12.18, That was my star. And now we have MX5, faster than Chrome, startup super, export / import favs (but wherever? no matter) And almost the Opera on board, extensions on board you need standart without loading. And and and . The brain extension.


And last but not least: QA



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GREAT @BugSir006 - I'm honoured.

This MX is a BETA, and there are some great BETAS, which are stored in my offline archive and which were then replaced by a better BETA. I remember the great BETA: Maxthon Browser V4.9.2.600 , because all the functions I love.

As an example edit Google-Bookmarks, which thus on my computer still functioned in the 4er versions afterwards unfortunately no more. And some other things also worked with him. I do not want to go into detail now. With V All functions run correctly. Surely there would still be one or the other, which one would still like. But that is more personal luxury.

Much more important, I am currently finding the task to be an ambassador for this grandiose browser, to show the advantages and to provide help in an authentic and fast way. Therefore in the appendix once again the links, where you can reach us. Us - we are a great community that will continue to grow. Maxthon Browser connects us.


The German Maxthon Blog  Maxthon @ Twitter Maxthon @ Facebook Maxthon on Youtube 

Let us grow together



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