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MX5 iOS Release 5.0.8


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Hi all,

the latest Maxthon5 iOS version is alive on App Store now!

If you already got Maxthon5 on your iPhone,

then you can directly go you AppStore and update it :)

Here is the changelog:


  • Upgrade to the latest WKWebView core. Use less memory with enhanced stability and faster loading speed;
  • Optimized startup speed;
  • Optimized the speed to enter multi-tab manage page;
  • Fixed the display issue in full-screen mode for some sites.


Hope you all enjoy the new version, and any advice and feedback are welcome to comment on this thread!


Release note

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Seems to be OK. Works well as far as I can see.

I miss the ability to synchronize the startpage of Maxthon5 for Mac and the startpage of Maxthon5 for IOS. Now it is not even possible to customise the startpage of Maxthon5 for IOS with your own links. These features needs to be developed and implemented if you want the Maxthon5 for IOS to be used as a primary browser.

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Hi Dhr.D, our product manager designed it diliberatly, since they thought that people have different preference on spped dial and behavior on mobile and laptop. So the the quick access won't be synced between them. While there are more and more voice like you, asking for the sync ability between device kinds, so I'll collect your voice when it reach to a certain amount, like 10, to persuade them to add this request into their pool for future developing. 

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