Fullscreen video on YouTube glitch

Recommended Posts have a bug when you entering fullscreen on youtube video. If you click on maxthon icon whole browser will disappear, but will continue his work. You need task manager to stop browser work. But you can evade this if just hold cursor on maxthon icon in taskbar for a second (without pressing buttons on it)


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Simply choose the right words to describe what is happening

Where is the shortcut of maxthon, not pinned on the taskbar ?

now the icon you are talking about is the one shown in the taskbar by windows she disapears when you click while in full screen;

not really full screen because you can see and access the taskbar; maybe the reason why, can't be done with other browsers (full screen is full screen)

if you had settings SystemDockIconTip  all enabled, you can access in the system tray and show MX again (right click)

anyway click on the shortcut of MX do the same

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