Bug after using Retracted Tabs

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Here is a bug that results in the wrong site being shown, no matter which tab is selected after selecting a retracted tab. Please follow this recipe. (It has nothing to do with the specific sites in this example, pick any site you want, as long as there are enough to make retracted tabs.)

1. Open enough tabs so there is a retracted tab list.


2. Select one of the retracted tabs.


3. It becomes one of the visible tabs.


Bug 1. The URL line is not the site clicked on, and is being viewed.

4. Select a different already visible tab.


5. Select the tab that was originally retracted. (The one that was selected in step 2.)


6. Select a different already visible tab.


Bug 2. The tab selected is not the one shown, it is the one from Bug 1.

7. Select another different already visible tab.


Bug 3. The site selected is not shown, and the contents are now stuck as the site from the URL of Bug 1.

Now, no matter what tab is clicked on, the site will not change.

I am using v5.0.1.1200.

Hope you can fix this, as it is a major bug.




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Thank you for the beta update.

Downloaded the latest windows version (, and have still found that once there are retactable tabs, it is easy to end up in a state where the tab and url shown does not match the web page shown and odd things happen. For example:


I consider this a major problem, and hope it is fixed before final release.


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