Bookmarks/Tabs Disappeared

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I left my computer up and ran an errand leaving Maxthon open on my desktop. When I returned all of

my bookmarks/tabs were gone. I singed in to the Maxthon online page and nothing is there. I have some weird looking page

showing as my Maxthon home page. it also has a page where the bookmarks are shown but another page is on top of it.

Screen shots included! Please help me get my bookmarks/tabs back. I need them for work.





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If you haven't uninstalled recently you should be able to find an older version here C:\Users\*Youraccount*\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\*your@mail*\Favorite\favbackup 

I think all you need to do is copy a .dat file and replace the dat file in your favorite folder. good luck! Be sure to report back.


Edit: It's also possible the server was offline, try checking again, but seems OK at the moment(just checked)

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