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Hello Maxthon comunity !

I am new here and I'd like to ask u 1 question.

Is it possible to open new window with URL in maxthon ? I tried it from CMD : 

Works(bot only in new tab)
CMD COMMAND: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Bin\Maxthon.exe" ""

Doesnt work for maxthon(for other browsers it works well)
CMD COMMAND: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Bin\Maxthon.exe" --new-window ""

or is there another way how to do it ?


Thank you for your replies ! 

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There's no command line switch that i'm aware of. MX is very barebones when in comes to advanced user features.

There are -RunAsNewTask and -RunAsSessionTask switches but after playing around with them i'm not exactly how they work. NewTask does create a new window, but the website doesn't get sent to the new browser window. If you try maxthon.exe website.address after creating a new window with RunAsNewTask, then the website will open in that new window, rather than the original window in a new tab.

Not sure if that helps you out.

Hopefully it's something that MX5 may do better in the future.

Otherwise there is the settings option as noted above, unless a cmdline option is your preferred method for some reason.

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