Error loggin maxthon account, bad region login i mean


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I there, i just formating my computer, i try to loggin in my user account:
to my surprise, i was watching don't exist my account, i remember i had create my account when the maxthon passport web was in chinese or japanese, im not sure. I let my account with auto login all this year and months, and now i formatted my pc, when i try to login, appeared me a message mention me which dont exist my account, i try to login in maxthon web, and try to restore my password. The problem is which dont exist my email. And i try to login in chinese maxthon web with the same problem. Please help me

Postscript, did not establish phone number.


Pasport Login Error.png

Pasport Login.png

Passport Recover does not exist.png

Passport Recover.png

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