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Thank you for your wonderful work.

Since you introduce the version 4.9, I noticed that when I select "Tab up", there is no problem (see attached file: MaxthonSnap_1_cor.png) but when I select "Tab down", the tab remains at the top in this new (see attached file: MaxthonSnap_2_cor.png). This behaviour was not in the previous version. I am using windows vista. Am missing something? 

Thank in advance for your help




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seems they have not implemented it even though the option is there - its not difficult to get working - move a couple of lines of code in 0.dat after unpacking it moves the tabs under the taskbar but as an option may be a little more complicated - copy the enclosed file to the install dir and see if thats what you want - its either or at the moment 

back up the original 0.dat file

and as ever all my skin mods come with the note that they have only been quickly tested - they wont trash anything but they may not be perfect



Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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