V4.9.0.2200 Beta Video Floatbar full screen.


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18 hours ago, PHYR said: allows you to open multiple popups, so open 2 instances and open window on the monitor you want.

There's no point of the video floatbar popup if im just going to open another maxthon instance. I will just full screen with the new instance without the video popup.

I might be browsing and want to watch full screen on the other monitor so I would use the video float bar, 2 clicks and a drag, and continue browsing while the video is playing on the second monitor. 

Also the video floatbar, if i maximize it on my second screen, ~1/5 of the video is cut off at the bottom, after returning from full screen, this bug has been there since a long time ago.
popup video > full screen > return to windowed mode> maximize the floatbar, ~1/5 of the video is cut off 

main monitor is 768p and second monitor is 1080p. 




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