Japanese translation extension "Rikaikun" ("Rikaichan") for Maxthon?

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Would it be possible to port the Chrome extension "Rikaikun" to be used in Maxthon browser?

Rikaikun itself is a port of the very helpful FireFox add-in "Rikaichan":

When it's activated and one hovers over Japanese text on a website or e-mail, the words are translated within a pop up. It automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives and gives detailed information about the Kanji characters and the reading of names etc. This is a very helpful tool and I would love if someone could make it available for Maxthon!!.
(This add-on/ extension is one of the main reasons I still often use FireFox and not exclusicvely Maxthon!)

Hope this can be done somehow. Anyone, please help! :-)

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