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  1. Would it be possible to port the Chrome extension "Rikaikun" to be used in Maxthon browser? Rikaikun itself is a port of the very helpful FireFox add-in "Rikaichan": When it's activated and one hovers over Japanese text on a website or e-mail, the words are translated within a pop up. It automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives and gives detailed information about the Kanji characters and the reading of names etc. This is a very helpful tool and I would love if someone could make it available for Maxthon!!. (This add-on/ extension is one of the main reasons I still often use FireFox and not exclusicvely Maxthon!) Hope this can be done somehow. Anyone, please help! :-)
  2. Fantastic skin! Thanks for all your work, zork!!
  3. ...and while the developers are at it: PLEASE fix that Webpages printed from Maxthon are not changed into some sort of image first (they all look like pixelated bitmaps), but are printing as actual text!!! For a very long time this has been the most annoying problem with Maxthon's printing! :dizzy: This has been requested,,,, and
  4. I have no problems here... Try to use the newest Maxthon version (, it might help. In addition, always use the newest LastPass extension - but not from the Maxthon site, which usually is behind, but directly from LastPass! Maxthon's extension site only shows 3.1.21 at the moment, but the newest one from LastPass is 3.1.91. Download it using this link while running Maxthon: or use: