arrange extensions?


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i understand what you say and it seem quite logic


but i think like few months ago i was able to have HTML to PDF up there > this one >


and one day tetris did show up there and HTML to PDF just disappeared  is it due some update or wtf is going on?

i do sometimes update maxthon could that be the case?


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Where extensions are displayed is up to the developer of the extension. They can add to either or both. If those extensions were at some stage in one or the other place, it may have been updated to change this.

And if you had an earlier version of MX4 then ALL extensions were forced to the sidebar. Can't recall exactly when it was changed back to allow adding to the toolbar.

If you want to check what is allowed for a particular extension: Right click on it, choose 'details' to go to the page on the extension website. Install the extension again, when the popup displays, in the components section it will show where it adds icons - toolbar, sidebar + some other things.

That particular extension only adds to the sidebar, so it may have been changed by its author.

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No way. You cannot choose what show in sidebar and what don't show as in toolbar. You can only disable extensions. And it's vary bad. Many users ask for this from MX3.
And many people ask how ro move extensions from sidebar in toolbar. No way too. But it's possible. You need just change "entryPoints": ["sidebar"] to ["toolbar"]. But you have to do it everytime when extension will be updated.
P.S. You really have to use MX 4.4.2.x or higher if you wanna see extensions in toolbar. In old MX4 toolbars extensions was shown in sidebar too.

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 where do i change it? i cant even find extensions in any subfolder in maxthon folder?

Your extensions are it this folder: C:\Users\WINDOWS USER\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\MAXTHON PASSPORT\Addons
And you need MxPacker to unpack extention.
Open def.json and change "entryPoints": ["sidebar"] to ["toolbar"]. After that this addon replace on toolbar.

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