problem with authentication by domain login name

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Hi, i use maxthon in my company. The most sites load automatically using athenticaton by domain login name. Unfortunately maxthon has a problem with authentication and asks for login and password. For expample on IE it works fine. Could it be solved in any way?




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Hi and welcome to Forum... (^^,)

Have you set your Maxthon Settings > Magic Fill to Auto... ??

Then when you login to the webpage, that wont work so good. Try to Right-Click in the spaces, where you put in your codes > and use Fill Form in both boxes > and login.

To test it > logout  > and do a login again. > Double click in the first code box > and your mail / code turns up > press on it > then the login will work.

Best regards Ohke


P.S. If it don't work, then you have to remove the old Cookie for that page (via Developer tool > Resources > Cookies) and make a new login, as written above.

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