Same minor display problem with

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Same minor display problem with as with (see attachment aerodisplay.jpg ).

IE, FF, Opera, & Google Chrome all display correctly (see areodisplayedcorrectly.jpg attachment using Firefox)

It should look like this: Board index Gabby's Tips Gabby's Tips

Not like this: Boa < Gab... < Gab...

Is this something I can fix or is it a bug?



default browser = Maxthon

Windows 8.1

phpBB 3.1.3

aero style 2.0.4



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Hi iKerry,

Glad to talk to you.

Here i can reproduce the same issue. It seems to be related to zoom value.

With 120% page zoom i can reproduce the issue, but it works fine when page zoom is set to lest than 120%( 110%,100%).

You may change your page zoom and try again.

At the same time, we'll do our best to see how we can fix this problem.

Thanks for your support.

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