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Magine TV showing an empty page in Ultra Mode

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I am using the tv steaming service Magin TV .

When I login, Maxthon v4.4.4.2000 only shows a white page.

In the Browser Developer Tool Console I can see some errors (See attached picture).

When I switch to retro mode the website loads normally.

I also tested with GoogleChorme Version 40.0.2214.111 m (64-bit) to confirm this isn't a problem of the website. The website loads normally in Chrome.

I don't know if the console errors are relevant for this issue at all, as most of them appear in the GoogleChrome Console, too.

Unfortunately you can only recreate this issue by creating a free account first, as this issue only occurs after login.



OS: 6.1.7601.Service Pack 1

IE: 11.0.9600.17633

Maxthon.exe =

Maxthon.dll =

MxWebkit.dll =

MxTrident.dll =

Maxzlib.dll =

Mx3UnInstall.exe =

MxAccountSvc.dll =

MxAddonsMgr.dll =

MxApp.dll =

MxAppFrame.dll =

MxAppLoader.exe =

MxCore.dll =

MxCoreMan.dll =

MxCrashCatch.dll =

MxCrashReport.exe =

MxDb.dll =

MxDownloader.dll =

MxEncode.dll =

MxFilePackage.dll =

MxFileSync.dll =

MxHttpRq.dll =

MxIPC.dll =

MxMsg.dll =

MxResMgr.dll =

MxRsc.dll =

MxTool.dll =

MxUI.dll =

MxUp.exe =

MxWKView.dll =

MxXDR.dll =

MxCaptureScreen3.dll =

MxCmpUrl.dll =

MxFav.dll =

MxFavDb.dll =

MxHistory.dll =

MxMultiSearch.dll =

MxPicLib.dll =

MxPrint.dll =

MxSec.dll =

MxSiteIcon.dll =

MxSmartUrl.dll =

MxStorage.dll =

MxSvInfo.dll =

MxSync.dll =

MxUrlSec.dll =

MxAvatarExt.dll =

MxCloudsSvc.dll =

MxExtTools.dll =

MxAddonMisc.dll =

MxMsgPush.dll =

MxTabsSync.dll =

MxUeip.dll =


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I only get the blank white page in ultra, won't load at all.

No problem in retro mode to load.

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Issue confirmed.

Work with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi

Don't work with Maxthon Ultra an Nitro!;P

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