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Hallo from Germany!

I'm on your iPhnie 4 (IOS) installed "Maxthon Cloud App" I found an error on the city name manifesting weather in the city where I live, and my iPhone "App Cloud Maxthon" I move down a finger on it shows the temperature in the city where I live and there is an error namely the city Friedburg which shows the city in Germany / Hessen silent while the city is named Friedberg / Hessen and here it is necessary to improve the city's name.

Who can help me?


Mam na swoim iPhnie 4(IOS) zainstalowany "Maxthon Cloud App" Zauważyłem błąd nazwy miasta przy okazywaniu pogody w miescie którym mieszkam, jak na moim iPhonie "Maxthon Cloud App" palcem na dól przesuwam to pokazuje temperature w miescie którym mieszkam i tu jest błąd miasta a mianowicie pokazuje miasto Friedburg którego w Niemczech/Hesji niema natomiast jest miasto o nazwie Friedberg/Hesja i tu konieczna jest poprawa nazwy miasta.

Kto może mi pomoc?

Dzieki z gory:handshake

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Hi DJ2013,

Happy to see you here.

Thank you for using our browser, Maxthon :)

If i get you well, you are referring to your browser home page. Right?

On Maxthon Homepage the Weather News and all related information are provided by Google.

We are not the one managing the Weather information.

Anyway, your request has been forwarded to our product manager to see what can be done.

Please let me know if you are referring to another page.


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