My suggestions for Maxthon 5.0 iOS


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For Maxthon 5.0 iOS:

- Support download site e.g,pcworld etc...

- Widget for iOS 8

- 1Password,Lastpass, Ad Block,Google translater,Reader addons

- Touch ID

- Gestures

- User Agent (Chrome 40,Firefox 35,Internet Explorer 11, Safari Mac etc...)

- Theme e.g Dark Mode

- Support WebGL from Safari 8 iOS

- UI language switch

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Hi Betafan,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your suggestions.

At present Maxthon5.0r iOS support :

Mouse gesture : only forward and backward actions are supported. Other actions for will be added in the future.:victory:

Google Translator: you need to long press the bubble :)

For other features you mentioned, I'll push them to our iOS team for more consideration.

Thanks for your support! :handshake

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