How read/write files in extension ?


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How to can be realized reading / writing file in Extensions? How to open a file in M4? There are ways other than getConfig/setConfig?

Earlier, at least, there was possibility by means of "", "", ""..

How can use the section in the Config-files and Language-files?

Add. In the M4 addons moved from the toolbar at the sidebar, and ceased to operate menu of these extensions. It is now forever? Or can / should fix something?

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I'm not sure I understand, but if I am understanding correctly, you want to unpack the mxaddons located in c:\users\\appdata\roaming\maxthon3\users\email\addons\*

Or if you use portable, then, starting in the folder its files are stored in, *\UserData\Users\\Addons\*

you can do so using this tool. Just drag/drop the mxaddon file onto the exe attached, after extracted.


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I think he's talking about an extension being able to read/write from/to an external file. They seem to be internal MX commands for the javascript addons.

As far as the sidebar/toolbar issue, at this stage addons are only able to be placed on the sidebar, although they can be added to the toolbar with some hacking - probably won't work if you want to distribute them though. Despite a number of requests no official MX member has advised why this is the case or if it will change in the future.

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