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Hi everybody.

Just tried Nitro and got some critique about it.

So here we go.

- where's settings?

- what are the suggested websites? (when writing new adress or request)

- how to replace them?

- how to change home page?

- where's "forward" button?

- why not to place bookmarks under adress field?

- where's history?

- how to change search engine?

- where is settings button again???

- any updates? still first version.

So yes. It got problems and we all understand that's the first release.

Also here's bright sides:

- fastest browser load time

- stylish and minimal UI

- ... yep, that's it. :\

Browser on the good way and it should be developed but problems are killing all the experience and there's no chance to make it default browser for current moment.


huh? showing i'm using "Google Chrome 35.0.1849.0" but i posted it from Nitro o_O

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I ♥ Max, so I tried the Nitro in my old PC (WXP, 2gb RAM, Pentium4 3.0ghz) and this are my critiques:

-When I installed it, didn't let me choose the folder of installation.

-It starts so fast that the Java plug-in must be reloaded, because it crash at the first run. As well as the flash plug-in.

-The flash also crash with heavy weight files, like the online game Wartune or Youtube videos above 45 mins.

-Is there a chance to make history more accessible?

-The "minimize, maximize and close" buttons are not shown.

-Could I put some link of my interest into the prompt at the "new tab"?

-Could I link my Max account with Nitro?

Thanks for the speed progress Nitro Max Team,

may the peace be with you.


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