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Hi guys,

i would like report one important issue. it is really critical to solve i believe.

prints from webpages are not clear (like in other browsers) but flue (fuzzy) on the paper. i'm not talking about specific webpages but all. i consider text chanters and figures as well.

it is really annoying , i hope maxthon team would find a solution to this problem

best regards,

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30965743 replied at 2014-12-19 06:28 back.gif

i thinks its your printer ox circuit problem, try to replace your printer inkjets tanks.

No, it has nothing to do with his printer, it is a known problem with Maxthon Ultra Mode.

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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