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No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-14 22:55 back.gif

For me it only happens when screen is not maximized, but of course it's 27". I'll have to try it ...

Yeah, that's right. If the screen is big enough that the menu doesn't cover the video it isn't a problem. But for users with smaller screens or running MX in a smaller window it shows up.

I had to window my MX to see the problem, otherwise it wouldn't have bothered me. In fact it was probably the first time I ever clicked that menu button as well!

Regardless it's still a bug.

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It seems it's related to the way Youtube requests the the Flash player be drawn to the page. Using YTC if you change the Wmode option to Transparent or Opaque then it works properly. The other options including the default Direct allow for better performance or GPU acceleration, which for some reason causes the issue.

So either due to the way that Maxthon is detected it's being forced to use one of the other options, or Maxthon is forcing one of the other modes. Or it could be something else altogether. But a quick fix for now is install YT Centre and change the Wmode option to Transparent or Opaque.

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