Problems with multiple google accounts

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I have several google accounts that are accessed from my PC, my son's, partners and mine. If I login to Maxthon in the side bar, it locks the google account to my partners account. Even if I log out of my partners google and then login with my account Maxthon will go to may partners not mine. They all have different passwords so even though I type my password the account it logs into is my partners!

As soon as I log back into Maxthon the google account goes back to my partners even though it was logged into mine. Any help in sorting this out would be very much appreciated.

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Hi ToothFaerie,

Glad to talk to you.

Really sorry for this issue you encountered.

Please go to Magicfill and disable the auto fill option by unticking the auto-fill option check-box.

You can also check whether your partner's Google log in data were saved and delete them.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Thanks for your support !



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