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Hi there, Today I reinstalled Maxthon to the latest beta version and all my user data have been lost. I lost quick access and favourites, but magic fill works fine. I tried import from Maxthon shared account but that didn't work. Is there anything I could try? Thanks a lot

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Hi Crynce,

Sorry to hear what happened to you.

For favorites, you can go to online favorites http://fav.maxthon.com/ to see if your favourites are still there and try to recover them back.

As for quick access, if they were saved under your Maxthon account, you can delete the %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\your email address\quick access and replace it with the backup folder found in %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\your email address\backup\quick access and see if ti works fine.:)

Hope this information is helpful to you.

thanks for supporting Maxthon.

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