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Greetings, i have attempted to search the forum for this threat and while there are youtube related posts none seems to cover this:

the comment section in youtube will not load when cookies activate if i log into my account.

i searched the net for an answer and so far i have seen fixes for chrome and firefox (not applicable in MX) i also tried and the issue does not appear on IE9 or higher.

any chance any one knows anything about this ?


win 7

thanks for the help

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Hi chooch4611735,

Thank you for reaching out.We just conducted a test with the same version as the one you are using and YouTube comments are showing without any problems.

You meant youtube comments will show if you don't log into your Maxthon account? If so, then there might be something in your settings that is causing this problem.

Please try to disable any particular extension you may be using.

Also you may try to disable ad-hunter function( located on browser bottom right side of the status bar).

Please feel free to contact us again if none of the above approaches solve your problem.




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BugSir007 replied at 2014-9-3 18:57 back.gif

Hi chooch4611735,

Thank you for reaching out.We just conducted a test with the same version as the o ...

hello and thank you for your reply.

unfortunately no, i did not mean being logged into MX but logged into my youtube account (which makes me think it could be something with the way cookies are handled maybe?) i already tried disabling add hunter to no result. i also tried cleaning cache (this helps as it logs me out of YT, but as soon as i log back in comments under the video wont load anymore).

this does not happen IE however. i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling MX to no result.

all i get is the "spinning dots circle" indicating that comments are loading ..but nothing ever is not a huge problem ..but it is frustrating


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BugSir007 replied at 2014-9-4 02:04 back.gif


Thanks for more details.

Here we just tried again. After log into you tube account comments co ...

its seems to be working fine now ...still not sure what was causing it.

but it appears to have solved itself.

thank to you and the MX community for the help/support

cheers !!

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PerritoCaliente replied at 2014-9-24 22:21 back.gif

hey why comments youtube work on maxhton 3 and on maxthon cloud browser dont¿

Although I think it's a google issue, in that they are playing around with stuff causing issues, can you check the following.

Does it work in Retro Mode?

Does it work if you change the UserAgent to Chrome/FF/IE?

Does it work with AdHunter disabled?

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Yes work with ad hunter disabled... That's a start.

Disable "subscribe to adhunter rules" and check to see if it's one of the default rules. If that fixes the problem then we need to find and add it to the whitelist.

If not, then check to see if there are any rules under the Youtube section. If yes, remove them one by one till it fixes the problem. Then check the global rules, in case you've added some there from the forum which is conflicting with YT. And do the same again.

Or you can post any YT and global rules here, and I/someone can have a look at them.

The problem is AdHunter related it seems, or possibly Google/YT if they're changing around how/what is used to display them.

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If I sign into Maxthon passport I cannot comment on youtube videos, is there a fix/workaround? Other than signing out of Maxthon

P.S. Maxthon, you have saved my browser life. I used to only use Opera and since it became nothing but a chrome look a like piece of junk, I was lost and did not have a browser that worked for me. So thank you Maxthon Team, great program and look forward to what will come in the future. i.e. an auto fill that works on site that have never been visited, something that holds email addresses, names, telephone numbers and such like in an encrypted and secure space for recall when needed. :)

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