Favorites Synchronization Issue


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I have a load of favorites saved. Every now and then I go there and clean, delete some of them that I don't use anymore, that are outdated...

The problem is that I use Maxthon for Android and since everything is synced, well, I get double favorites links. Guess that happens when I use mobile and computer, then these two don't know which one is the last one to be up to date (favorites data) and which one to use.

By the time that I figure this out, I have a bunch of double links. Is there a way to solve this quickly? Should this be reported as a bug? Can it be improved?


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Hi grbac,

Sorry for taking too long to reply to you.

According to your problem, it sounds like you didn't not sync your favorites after deleting some of them.

Please try to delete you favorites again and make sure you sync them(manual syn) before you log into your account from an other device.


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