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Hi, I'm trying to customize some of the offline pages (mx://last-session, ...) using stylish. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

I've also tried locating the css files of said internal pages, but stumbled upon a problem. They are inside an archive that is password protected. (/opt/maxthon/Contents/Resources/mx_page.dat)

Is there any reason for this, security perhaps? I would really like to edit the css files inside.

Does anyone know how I could, or could someone perhaps provide the password?


Edit: I used this board instead of user voices because I was unable to post there.

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Yes, I figured there was no API for them, that's the reason I just thought of editing the css file(s) manually. I just mean to edit a few colors so that the internal pages match the overall (dark) look of my browser.

In the case you can't/won't give access to edit these files, will you provide some basic alternatives?

I couldn't post because I didn't have high enough points. When I tried creating a thread I got a message with this link:

I tried now for testing purposes and it seems to be working. I think I remember getting 2 points for posting this thread, perhaps that is what gave me access?


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