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I reported this a couple of days ago. The page linked below doesn't work with v. Final version, but it works fine with v.

Go to this page:


Choose any assignment and click on 'Add Your Contribution'. A box will appear with three options, Image, Video, Text. Click on any one of these in Maxthon v. and nothing happens but as I've said before, it works with the earlier version. Why?

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loooping8 replied at 2014-8-31 19:15 back.gif

Its seems to be working for me but I don't like to sign in or up look the video:

Yeah, I forgot that people have to sign in to use it. I'll just have to wait until someone here signs in and see how they get on with it. Thanks anyway.

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loooping8 replied at 2014-9-1 06:37 back.gif

Just for you I was sign in but for me with the same version like you there was no problem this ima ...

Thanks for that but it's this grey box with the three choices that I'm having problems with in version Maxthon v. They obviously work in earlier versions of Maxthon, but they don't work with later releases.



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Hello guys,

Really sorry for the late reply.

Here, the three buttons you mentioned do not work in Maxthon ultra mode (Same issue with Chrome browser). They seem to be trying to work with Maxthon RETRO mode .You might need to switch your browsing mode to Retro and give it a go.

Meanwhile, here we'll conduct more testings to see what might be causing this problem.

I'll come back to you as soon as i get any updates.

Thanks for your support!

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Mist001 replied at 2014-9-2 16:39 back.gif

Thanks for this, it'd be handy if you can fix it so people don't have to constantly swap between ...

The idea behind a second mode is that you can use it when you run into problems, such as the one described here. It is very unlikely that the entire web will ever be displayed properly by any browser based on webkit, wink(chromium's rendering engine) etc.

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