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Is it possible to get an AdGuard add-in ?

The developers froma AdGuard are willing but seem to be blocked by the fact that Maxthon's extension API don't give a possibility to block HTTP requests.

They have asked maxthon developers about it and still waiting for response.

AdGuard has a Chrome extention for example.

I'm using AdGuard as Adhunter development has stopped and never worked in Maxthon 4 as it did in Maxthon 3.

The AdGuard software is superiour to Adhunter and it would be a tremendous boost for Maxthon to have that possibility.

Is there a possibility to get some insight on that topic from Maxthon development?



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I think you answered your own question there.

Good to see that the adguard devs are willing to do it, but it seems that it hinges on the MX dev's updating their API. Which based on other posts it doesn't seem that it's something that is on the agenda.

Unless the AdGuard devs are missing something... the ball is in Maxthon's court...

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