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  1. may be @BugSir006 uses the .1200 version it exists ! see Telegram. But this is not in .1200 version too.
  2. may i correct you, @MaxthonJeff ? " Sorry to not have been so elegant you deserve to, as your contributions to this forum were and stays invaluable" sounds better to an "elegant" french man, or in this case to an "elegant" french lady..
  3. The Maxthon_portable V5.1.7.2000.7z is corrupted  , can you reload ?

    1. BugSir006


      You mean in News Section? I can download it, the package is normal.

  4. Did you pklan to support XP , because all seems to install correctly , but after login to passport no htlm link works , so internal same problmes . Something forgotten ?