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  1. Hi.

    I saw your post about the maxium tab width HERE. I'm running the later versions of MX5 but still have yet to figure out how to make the tab width wider. I would like to make it about a 1/4" or 3/8" wider. The setting was in skin3.ini but now I cannot find it. Any help you can provide will be greatful. Thanks so much.




  2. Get MxPacker from here: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-801-1-1.html Unpack the .mxskin file with mxpacker.exe Change, in onebar.small-locked/main/skin.css the code.nav-buttons .nav-refresh { display: none; }to.nav-buttons .nav-refresh, .nav-buttons .nav-back, .nav-buttons .nav-forward, .nav-buttons .nav-fav { display: none; }Package the folder to a new .mxskin (not .mxaddon) file. For now (not for new updates), here's the .mxskin so you don't have to do the above just yet. I don't understand what you mean with the always-on-top thing... onebar.small-locked.nobuttons.mxskin
  3. New version (June 5, 19:00 UTC/GMT): Little fix needed for Maxthon v4.4.1.1000
  4. SnowLeopard replied at 2014-5-10 15:07 I use the tabbar spacer to drive the new tab button where I wanted it in one of my skins. I recal ... Thanks SL! Didn't see this message before somehow. However this does not apply to my skin: it seems that Maxthon "thinks" the New Tab button should be all the way to the right when a number of tabs are opened. However, the C++ code doesn't take into account that locked tabs now are significantly narrower than usual, so even though the total width of the tabs doesn't span the entire width of the tab container, it still puts the New Tab button all the
  5. It started when I redesigned the /main/tabbar/container.htm file so that the New Tab button stays where it belongs, next to the last tab. That's the only thing I know. But the thing is, that's not a big change at all: it just includes the More Tab list button and the New Tab button into the tab-container-inner div. That's it. I saw this behavior in as well... It's so strange, and I'm sorry that it caused you to lose your session. Since this skin only makes a few alterations to the default skin, I can't imagine that no other skin has the same problems. Can you help me find it s
  6. Sorry, I wasn't clear there. I meant the latest version of this skin. Try downloading and applying it again
  7. Unfortunately you're probably right about losing your last session the first time. I'm very sorry, of course that was never the intention and I'm in the dark about why this happens. Has anyone seen this as a general non-skin related issue, or this happening with other skins?
  8. You need to restart Maxthon after installing the skin. Maxthon developers are screwing around a bit with the UI, with SVG's and all. If you still had the problem with the disappearing buttons, you didn't have the latest version.
  9. New version (April 29, 8:45 UTC/GMT): New Tab button now sticks to the right of the tabs instead of jumping all the way to the right "Overshoot" when clicking on (expanding) the address bar is less ugly Made resizing of window easier (hit-margin expanded)
  10. Maybe if I can make the tabs container (inner?) a flex-flow one and then use the order attribute for locked tabs. I tried quickly, but I failed. Any ideas?
  11. The opacity tweak did it. Can't believe I didn't come up with that myself, thanks so much! Any other value doesn't work, though, some strange bug with opacity there...
  12. Need some help with the skin here. In Windows 8.1, with the latest stable, the navigation buttons won't show, BUT THEY DO when hovered over... Even when I removed any CSS changes from the skin completely, they still won't show up. Does work in XP. Old versions of this skin have the exact same issue now. Any ideas? Is it still working for you?
  13. @faktorio: Sorry, I'm not really interested in the IE10 skin, but feel free to use the adjustments I made to make it work in that skin. Basically this is all I did in skin.css for that:.tab-container .tab {max-width: 232px !important;} .tab-container .tab .text {display: none;} .tab-container .tab .lock {display: none !important;} .tab-container .tab, .tab-container .tab.active {width: 18px !important; padding-right: 4px;} New version (April 15, 22:30 UTC/GMT): Fixed the maximum width of tabs Removed Refresh button for more horizontal space: use F5, or Shift+F5 to refresh all tabs, and C
  14. As requested, here's a separate topic for an alternative version of OneBar, in which locked tabs are shown as favicon-only small-size tabs: the lock indicator and the page title are hidden. For screenshots in OS's other than XP, see http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-8774-1-1.html The address bar unfolds when activated If you want to move/drag the window, use the spacer between the menu and back buttons New version (April 15, 22:30 UTC/GMT): Fixed the maximum width of tabs Removed Refresh button for more horizontal space: use F5, or Shift+F5 to refresh all tabs, and Ctrl+F5 to force r