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  1. Thank you very much !!! The guest account for my mx5 installation (and folder in %appdata%) had been deleted, that's why even the maxton 5 (guest ) option was not showing up in the drop-list of available and installed browsers!
  2. I am using mx5 ( ) and want to switch to mx6, just to try it. Have been using MX for more than a decade. How can i import my whole history to mx6? I can't find maxthon 5 as an option of available browsers on my PC, in the drop -down list , as it has been suggested in the thread below !! I've tried this method with the latest mx6 version ( both 32/64 bits , installed , not the portable!) and never my installed version of mx5 was found and recognized !! I am using win7 64bit ultimate. Is this maybe because of this particular version of mx5 installed ( or what? Was this option working for the previous mx6 releases, what particular version to try ? What combo of mx5/mx6 to try for this method to work ? This very annoying issue has been reported by other users too, i am not alone, please help! The "Import local data and HTML files" function will automatically read all the browsers installed locally. Please select "Maxthon 5" in the drop-down list
  3. Hello everybody! I am the new member here and have few questions regarding transition from mx5 to mx6