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  1. I assume that all support for 5 will also cease?
  2. Shame. 5 is a great browser for XP. Thank you.
  3. Will MX6 remain windows xp compatible? The present beta installer does not run.
  4. Whenever I click on edit a post in facebook the browser jumps to the top of the facebook page I am on. You then need to scroll down to the post you wish to edit where the dialogue has opened correctly. Is there a way to stop it jumping back up to the top. This does not seem to happen on any of the other browsers I have installed. PS. Great Browser overall.
  5. Managed to get adblock plus to work again. The filters would not install and download so added the below to the custom filters global area. Works a treat. Good luck [Adblock Plus 2.0] ! ! Version 1.0.8 ! ! Lunar Blocklist by Moonchild ! ! A powerful, generic, English-focused filter list subscription. ! Blocks ads & some trackers. ! ! *** Ad and Tracker Blocking *** ! &ad_size= &adformat= &adunit= &aff_id= &view=ad& -1x1.gif? -468x60. -adsystem.*/shazam/$image -pagead-id. -skyad= -stat/advertisin