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  1. thanks for the news @BugSir009 I confess I'm worried Maxthon is doomed play catch-up forever : google chrome release cycle is approx 1 major version every 4 weeks ( )... As the chrome kernel update for Maxthon has been requested multiple times in the past months, t seems updating+testing takes months rather than days. Is this really sustainable in the long run ? Sorry if this sounds negative, but more and more websites stop to function on chrome core < v117. Do you know what's the envisioned release cycle for new core versions in the future ? are the devs aiming for a yearly update or more frequent ?
  2. using SurfingKeys addon (vim-like keyboard centric navigation), the shortcut `gf` should `open a link in a background tab` => in maxthon, it opens the link in a new active tab note that this shortcut works normally in other chromium like Vivaldi, Cent, Chrome. Also Vimeo videos are not playing for me (hitting play doesn't start the stream), anyone else facing this issue ?