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  1. good job on the new tab right-click menu : the dedicated section for tab groups makes it more discoverable and also make it clear that it's unrelated to the incognito mode. request: inside tab rmb menu > `Move tab to another window` > add an option to `move tab to splitscreen view` to move the selected tab to the splitscreen pane
  2. a couple of issues with the 'new' behavior of tabs/tag groups : when a tab group has many tabs, that don't fit the width of the maxthon window, tabs are displayed in an overflow list on the right side but: - the tab group color hint disappears when there are too many tabs (the colored underline border that tells that tabs are part of the same group) - if the current tab is part of the overflow list, it is not highlighted, so it's difficult to see which one is active => current tab should be highlighted. - also in the tab overflow list, there is no way to tell which tabs belong to which tab group => maybe add a colored border on the left or right side (to match the group tabs color ?) - lastly, when a tab is in the overflow list, there is no way to activate its tab right-mouse-button menu, it seems that rmb is treated as a left click. => the tabs rmb menu should be accessible even in the overflow menu imo the default behavior should be scrolling tabs rather than the tabs dropdown list (addons like Tabli; Tab Groups or Tabs Outliner provide a better ux than the current implementation), and the flags `mx://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip` `mx://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip-buttons` should be available via the `settings>tabs` menu as options PS: what I call the 'overflow menu' is the tabs dropdown list on the right from
  3. issue with split view, when there are a lot of tabs/tab groups : . on top : the normal single view, with multiple tabs/tab groups opened, on the whole width (working fine): - at the bottom: once the split view is activated, the tabs/tab groups are still visible on the second pane (see parts highlighted in red) : We should not see the blue, yellow, purple tab groups from the first pane... also this makes it improssible to move a tab from 1st pane to 2nd pane via drag n drop. related feature requests for split views/dual panes : - I would love an horizontal split view (vivaldi has vertical and horizontal split views), useful for spreadsheets, tables, databases. - I would like a GUI option to 'move tabs to first|second pane' (on the tab menu when right clicking a tab + on a page contextual menu) - automatically move the current tab to the split view when we activate F10 (instead of displying a new tab).
  4. was there a change in the hitzone for `close tab` buttons ? when the tabs are at minimum size, it is more difficult to activate a tab than before and it often triggers the close button instead (before this version even with a lot of tabs, I never had the issue of closing a tab when I wanted to activate it, but it happened multiple times with this version, very annoying. I need to make sure to click more of the left side of a tab now - it seems that the close button hitbox now takes up a bit more than 50% of the tab's width and is triggered a lot more easily than before, which is a major annoyance imo). also I still think the sub menu for `tab groups` deserves more space and visibility (especially when compared to 'move tab to incognito windows'... imo tab groups are much more important in daily use and need to be more accessible)