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  1. you realize Edge and Vivaldi are ALSO Chromium-based browsers, just like Maxthon right ? you CAN import html exports of bookmarks, history and passwords into Maxthon by choosing 'Chrome', just like you can in vivaldi, edge, chrome... (and you can't import internet explorer passwords as html in vivaldi or chrome either...) it also would be NICE to stop using CAPS every now and then....
  2. Bug / Regression : (since v7.0.0.901 at least and still relevant in v7.0.0.1200) when using Tab Groups un Maximize ùode, tabs don't inherit the colored underline from the group, thus it's very difficult to know what tabs are grouped. normal behavior (maxthon not maximized) : there is a colored line under the tabs buggy : when the maxthon window is maximized, the colored line is not displayed (see gif below)