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  1. portable and won't open using my `/User Data` : I can see the maxthon icon the the taskbar notification but the main window never appears and after a couple of seconds, the icon disappears from the taskbar notification and the process is closed. Maxthon portable only launch when I unzip the files in a new folder (and it generates a new profile). Previously jumping from to to was working fine using the same `/user data` folder (every bookmarks, setting, extensions and extensions settings transferred flawlessly until now). maybe related to the issues described by @thereddevilrulez and @Magdalene above ? UPDATE: - it seems starting from, the expected profile is `Profile 1` insteal of `Default` . is this intentional ? - I managed to make it boot by copying the contents of `/user data/defaut` into the installed folder of `/user data/Profile 1`. interestingly, just renaming my old `Default` to `Profile 1` didn't work - I believe this is a bug and the default profile-directory should be set to `Default` rather than `Profile 1`?