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  1. Against the odds, this is WORKING version. Just two pity details: hanging site screenshots in new tab bookmarks and square tabs. As always, thanks team and 1000000 thanks to BUGSIR
  2. thanks, Captain O. I heard that all the 20 years of MX using...
  3. Tell me, wise guy, which STABLE versions of MX6 you know?
  4. reading and scaring... and staying on 1200 build. it seems mx turning into field lab researching bugs and lags. primitive view, complicated customizing, unstable features, general degradation...
  5. Man, I've done everything. BUT I found only obsolete notes. For future, I have to backup ALL notes in common notepad everyday... About extensions... hmmm... maybe I should make screenshots from ext.settings. Simply don't trust in MX features anymore...
  6. Idiotic USELESS updates causes more and more new bugs and CRASHES. This time I must roll back system to bring normal login to mx-account. But LOST all mx-notes with links. Export/Import? Oh, this is a crazy roulette wheel peeking tons of obsolete records, but NEVER last updated, NEVER useful... And YEEES! I have lost also ALL MY EXTENSIONS and themes (which not works in last 2 versions)
  7. what a f*@# is going on? maxthon doesn't let me login! (wrong account data) reinstall older version doesn't help. can't reach my mail because it's in mx-notes.
  8. sounds awful, mysterious and absolutely useless.
  9. What a stupid case: applying any theme just changes color; all the tabs remains SQUARE. WHY?
  10. BugSir! Sure I tried. But it's handwork, - no restore option, just list...
  11. I said version is alright. I WAS WRONG. Lost passkeeper.
  12. What a pity "triumph"! Almost 20 years producing UNIQUE browser providing to Chrome... Progress? I don't think so.