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  1. Hello, Indeed, I have just installed the Maxthon_6.1.1.1300_beta_x64 version, once I log in to my new user account, my favorites and my passwords were synchronized, but my favorites are still not present here: https://www.uu.me/note/en-us.html Not important for me suddenly, but I wanted to bring up the info for the other users. ☺️
  2. Hello In my previous answer, with the screenshot, that's exactly what I explained to you that I did .. But despite that, there is nothing in the cloud.. 😒
  3. Hello, I understood that going from Maxthon 5 to Maxthon 6 with the same account, the bookmarks cannot be synchronized but in my case, I created a new account then I went to the settings to import my file Html. Despite this, I don't have my bookmarks in the cloud..
  4. Hum... What is the difference between the Maxnotes and the bookmarks please ?
  5. Hello, Having had a synchronization problem that was never resolved when I used Mathon v5, I decided to create a new account to start over with Maxthon v6 without importing data from my previous account into Maxthon v6! But the problem is also present. If I go to the address below I don't have my favorites. https://www.uu.me/note/en-us.html The passwords are there. Can you help me please ?
  6. Hello, Please can you add again the favorites function "Add to this folder" which was in Maxton 5, when you open a favorites folder to put the current tab, because it was really very convenient? and now it's really boring !!! Thank you.
  7. This is exactly what I was also doing LeetZero and I found it really handy! It's like the "Add to this folder" favorites function when you open a favorites folder to put the current tab which has disappeared and it got really boring !!! Can you detail the alternative you are talking about please?
  8. Hi there, would you like to add the BSV address to your personal profile? I will give you some Vpoints. 😊

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      Thanks again, what are the Vpoints for? 

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      For the blockchain😊

  9. It's really stupid.. ☹️ Do you know of a chrome extension to do the same? I searched but I can't find anything. 😔
  10. Hello, In Maxthon 5 there was a google search bar or something to the right of the address bar. Where did she go on Maxthon 6 ??? Thank you
  11. Bonjour, Dans Maxthon 6 Passkeeper, je ne trouve pas la fonction "General Identity" qui est présente dans Maxton 5 .. At-elle été supprimée? Merci.